The board of LOGOS has approved a policy on sustainability and social responsibility

As a leading law firm, LOGOS strives to be a role model in Icelandic business life. The firm's influence can for example be seen through the firm's service offering, as the firm has many points of contact with the business world as well as the society as a whole.

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LOGOS wants to make sure modern needs do not compromise the possibilities for future generations to meet their needs.

The goal of the policy is to ensure progressive priorities in LOGOS' activities and that the interests of society are always taken into account. The policy covers environmental and climate issues, social aspects, as well as governance and welfare.

LOGOS emphasizes recognizing the negative effects that the firm's activities may have on the environment and climate issues and therefore focuses on reducing them as much as possible. Efforts are being made to reduce the negative environmental impact of LOGOS' operations, and its employees must conduct their work in such a way that the environment suffers as little damage as possible.

LOGOS respects all internationally recognized human rights completely and makes the same demand to its customers and service providers. Under no circumstances is it acceptable in the firm to work on a project that involves the violation or assistance in the violation of human rights. Full equality must be observed in all activities of LOGOS and systematic work is being done to equalize the position of the sexes within the firm. Harassment and violence will not be tolerated under any circumstances and the health and well-being of the employees are taken care of.

The activities of LOGOS shall in all respects comply with the obligations imposed on the firm by law and the code of ethics of lawyers as well as always observe good business ethics. LOGOS does not tolerate corruption and strives to be in the lead against money laundering and terrorist financing, and has established an information security policy and sub-policies to ensure that information security is in line with good business practices. LOGOS has adopted a privacy policy that must be followed when processing personal information.

LOGOS is a proud member of Festa - center for social responsibility and sustainability and of IcelandSIF - association for responsible investments.

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